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Chiropractic Care in Plano TX

Woman neck adjustmentAt Taylor Family Chiropractic, we offer the best chiropractic care in Plano, TX, and treat several types of neuromuscular and skeletal conditions. We are proud to serve our Plano community and its surrounding areas, and over the years, have built a reputation for being the best chiropractic care provider in the Collin and Denton county areas. Dr. Taylor has been ranked by the Consumer Council of America as one of America’s Top Chiropractors for well over a decade since he began serving the Plano community, back in 2008. He has also received the peer-nominated Pinnacle Award for Top Twenty Five Chiropractors of America in both 2015 and 2016, so you can rest assured you are in good hands. Additionally, Dr. Taylor is a Chiropractor with phenomenal success in treating a wide array of conditions including auto-immune disorders, chronic pain, scoliosis, herniated disks, as well as personal injury and whiplash recovery. Other more common conditions that Dr. Taylor effectively treats include sports injury in young athletes, sciatica, repetitive stress injuries, and more.

At Taylor Family Chiropractic we also love and treat our expecting mothers/growing families and offer chiropractic solutions for mothers-to-be, children, infants, and even newborns. Stop by and see how we can help you have a safer pregnancy experience.


Prenatal Chiropractic Care in Plano

At Taylor Family Chiropractic we understand pregnancy can be very demanding on an expecting mother’s mind and body, from headaches, nausea, morning sickness, round ligament pain, pubic bone pain, pain from the breech presentation, low back pain, sciatica, pelvic pain, and the list goes on. The benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy are truly vast but one of the most important benefits is the detection, prevention, and correction of fetal malposition. Fortunately, prenatal care at Taylor Family Chiropractic in Plano can help reduce an expecting mom’s morning sickness/nausea, decrease the risk of postpartum depression, and increase the probability of carrying full term. Our prenatal chiropractic care treatments are an easy, non-invasive, painless alternative to correct a breech presentation. They can also significantly reduce back labor, and preeclampsia risk, as well as reduce neck, back, and joint pain. Give us a call, and see why we are the preferred pregnancy chiropractor in the Plano, TX area and surrounding Collin and Denton county areas.

We are your best Pediatric Chiropractor near Plano, TX

At Taylor Family Chiropractic we treat children safely and gently, Dr Taylor has been providing chiropractic treatments for children for over a decade, he is Pediatric certified, with extensive training to recognize and correct the often undetected causes that may interfere with a child’s nervous system.

We treat a wide array of ages, from newborns to those entering their late teens and early adulthood. Childhood disorders that have a relation to spinal misalignments include conditions such as colic and reflux, asthma, ear infections, scoliosis, headaches, ODD, ADD, ADHD, leg pains, and even constipation.

Correcting these spinal misalignments can oftentimes generate significant relief for kids and in most cases relieve the issue entirely. Dr. Taylor, a Chiropractor near Plano, TX works closely with all parents and is even happy to co-treat with their pediatrician! Contact us today to make sure your child gets the relief that they deserve!

Chiropractic Treatment for Personal Injuries in Plano, TX

In life, injuries can happen unexpectedly and oftentimes create an array of physical symptoms to accompany them. No matter if your injury was caused by a car accident, weekend adventure, or while at work; it is incredibly important to treat the symptoms related to a personal injury as soon as possible, even if you aren’t experiencing severe pain.

At Taylor Family Chiropractic we utilize only the most effective chiropractic treatments for successfully treating personal injuries, Dr. Taylor holds a certification in physical therapy and takes great care in designing a customized injury rehabilitation program just for you. We’ll help you get back to the normal, pain-free life you deserve. There is a reason we are the preferred Plano Injury Rehab & Chiropractic center of choice, call Plano chiropractor today!

Looking For A Sports Injury Chiropractor Near Plano?

Chiropractic adjustments offer athletes tremendous therapeutic benefits, no one knows this better than Dr. Taylor, an athlete himself with over 20+ years of experience; at Taylor Family Chiropractic we treat athletes from all walks of life including former NBA players, UFC fighters, Ironman, and National Crossfit Competitors, as well as the local weekend warrior. Chiropractic care for sports injuries is a proven and effective treatment for almost any sports injury and we welcome you to give it a try!

Our Texas chiropractic center can help with a multitude of sports injuries such as repetitive stress injuries, tendonitis, sprains, strains, and back and neck pain – and can even help with golf and tennis elbow. Our aim is to help you reduce inflammation, enhance joint function, and reduce pain.

Call us today and schedule an evaluation and chiropractic adjustment, see why we are the top sports injury chiropractor in Plano, TX.

Automobile Injury Rehabilitation Chiropractor in Plano, TX

Recovery after a car accident can be very tough, especially if your injuries go untreated. For example, symptoms of whiplash can take weeks, months, or even years to appear. This is why it is so vital to have your family or loved ones checked immediately after an accident, even if they are not experiencing pain. Other common car accident injuries include concussion, severe back and neck pain, brain fog, severe/migraine headaches, or vertigo.

At Taylor Family Chiropractic, we have treated over a thousand motor vehicle injuries, Dr. Taylor is highly trained in the biomechanics associated with motor vehicle collisions and has a 90% success rate with such cases. He will take the time to perform a thorough exam, including X-rays, and will develop a customized chiropractic treatment plan for a healthy recovery.

Call our team at Taylor Family Chiropractic at (214) 387-7883 and see why we are the top automobile injury chiropractor in Plano, TX.


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